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Experience the epitome of 3D medical and scientific animation with KHO Animation. With over 25 years of excellence, we’ve collaborated with esteemed institutions such as Stanford, UCSF, and UPenn, refining our skills to effectively communicate healthcare concepts through animation. Trust us as your visualization partner.

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Welcome to KHO Animation

We are your premier destination for cutting-edge 3D medical animations that simplify the complex world of healthcare. Being a leading and the best 3D medical animation company, we have helped universities and medical and scientific companies create award-winning animation and visuals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set the industry standard for outstanding medical animation solutions, inspiring and enlightening global audiences. In our studio, we’re dedicated to crafting compelling narratives infused with creativity and diligence. We like to be the one medical animation studio you turn to for anything animation-related.

Cutting-edge 3D Animation Solutions

Experts at KHO have delivered 3D medical animation services that are compelling and engaging, catering to diverse clients. With proficiency spanning pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and marketing, we develop content that leaves a lasting impression.

Professional Digital Creatives

With 20 years of experience, our seasoned team excels in crafting award-winning medical animation videos for healthcare entities. Our animators have worked on several Oscar-winning animated films, as well as major video games. We set new benchmarks in medical animation, simplifying complexity, and fostering immersive learning experiences that redefine industry standards..

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Medical Surgery Animations

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Medical Device Animations

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Complex Concept Explanations

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Patient Education

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Biotechnology Visuals

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Pharmaceutical Mode of Action Animations

What We Do Best

Our Expertise

Medical & Scientific Research

With our 3D scientific animation solutions, we make complex processes easier to understand while contributing to significant discoveries for researchers and organizations alike.

Courtroom Litigation Animation & Trial Graphics

For juries lacking medical expertise, our biomedical animations help clarify complex medical concepts in trials involving malpractice, further assisting in fair and informed decision-making.

Medical & Scientific Investor Pitches

Our healthcare animations visually present complex procedures and drug mechanisms while showcasing the product's potential and benefits and enhancing investor pitches.

Our Services

Medical Animation

Medtech animation simplifies complex procedures and treatments, facilitating patient education and enhancing comprehension for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Medical Device Animation

Medical device animation video simplifies product advertisement, prototyping, and education, providing a clear understanding for healthcare professionals, investors, and patients.

Scientific Illustration

Our accurate and engaging 3D scientific animation effectively conveys complex anatomical and medical concepts in textbooks, research papers, and journal articles.

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