“ We are a collective of acclaimed medical animation experts, comprising strategists, doctors, creatives, designers, writers, illustrators, animators, and digital producers. Our forte lies in sculpting brands tailored for the modern medical landscape. ”
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Explain the latest in medical research with beautiful animations. Present these at key scientific meetings, influence colleagues and develop your own brand as a KOL.

Amaze investors with stunning visuals in med-tech and biopharmaceuticals. Raise funds easily for your Seed, Series A, B, C & D by captivating your audience.

Simplify even the most complex of medical topics to non-medical jury members. Create powerful and accurate visuals that make expert testimony clear and memorable. Help your clients achieve the best outcomes.

Our Services

Medical animation is a type of visualization used to explain medical concepts in a clear and appealing way. It can simplify complex information for a lay audience and is used in educational videos, presentations, websites, and interactive tools in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Scientific animation utilizes visuals to convey complex scientific information in a simplified and understandable format. It can be found in educational videos, presentations, websites, and interactive tools and serves to aid communication and improve the education of scientific subjects.

By using scientific animations, presentations and events can engage the audience and convey complex scientific concepts in an interactive and visual manner, making them easier to understand and remember.

By using animations, medical device companies can effectively demonstrate how their products work and their benefits, which can help increase interest, sales, and understanding of the device.

Holograms, digital booths, 3D Apps that amplify your message. Animations add an interactive and engaging aspect to experiences, making them more memorable and enjoyable. They can also be used to explain complex ideas or products, making the experience more educational and informative.

Who we are

A Global Team of Doctors & Animators

It’s taken us a few years, but we’ve finally figured out how to best communicate your medical science in a way like no other.