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Transform your medical and scientific research with groundbreaking Medical Animations.

Expertise in Medical Visualization

Experience the epitome of 3D medical and scientific animation with KHO Animation. With over 25 years of excellence, we’ve collaborated with esteemed institutions such as Stanford, UCSF, and UPenn, refining our skills to effectively communicate healthcare concepts through animation. Trust us as your visualization partner.

The Power of Medical Animations: Improving Understanding and Driving Progress

Medical animations have become an increasingly powerful tool in the healthcare and scientific industries. Here are a few ways that medical animations are changing the game:

Improving Understanding

Medical animations provide a unique and effective way to understand complex medical concepts and procedures. They bring abstract ideas to life and help medical professionals, students, and patients better understand and retain important information.

Facilitating Communication

Medical animations provide a common visual language that can be used to communicate complex medical information to patients, colleagues, and the public. This helps to break down barriers to understanding and improve overall communication in the field.

Enhancing Education

Medical animations can be used in educational settings to help students understand complex concepts and procedures. They are an effective tool for training and can be used to prepare medical professionals for real-world scenarios.

Driving Research

Medical animations can help researchers understand and explore complex biological processes and disease mechanisms. They can also be used to develop new treatments and therapies, leading to advancements in the field.

Improving Outcomes

By improving understanding and facilitating communication, medical animations can have a positive impact on patient outcomes. They can help medical professionals make informed decisions, educate patients about their conditions, and ultimately lead to better care.

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Why KHO Animation?

The Best Companies Choose KHO for Medical and Scientific Animation

We believe we provide unmatched experience and value for money in creating visually stunning medical and scientific animations and visuals.

Our Animators are Medical Professionals.

Unlike other medical animation companies, our founding team consists of Doctors who are also World-Class Medical Animators. This ensures understanding of your complex cases, as well as ensuring medical accuracy in all our works.

Dr Kevin one of our founders still practices and teaches dentistry.


Add Credibility

We produce high-quality medical and scientific animation that lends credibility to any project. We've worked with some of the best brands and we're keen to work with you.


Best Visual Design

You've probably seen some of our works in films and marketing throughout the world. Our artists create original content for your brand.


Create Empathy

Our custom animations engage and creates an emotional connection with your brand.


Our Guarantees

Guaranteed Price

Our policy is “On Budget. On Time”. This means no matter how long projects take, you’ll receive our highest quality work within your budget. No hidden costs once pricing is set.

Quick Communication & Production

We like to involve our clients in every aspect of our process. Expect to have immediate replies to email and frequent Zoom meetings.

We also offer a quick turnaround service for urgent projects. Delivered in 5 days or less.

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind all our work. If you’re ever unhappy with what we’ve created, we’ll redo it for free.

Unmatched Experience

Accumulated experience over 25 years in USA, Canada and Australia. Our team has worked with global brands including Stanford Medical School, UCSF and UPenn.

Your Visualisation Partner

With over 25 years experience working with global medical brands and universities like Stanford, UCSF & UPenn, we’ve accumulated experience and insight into what the best way to convey complex medical concepts clearly to anyone.

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