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Leverage Animation to Advance Medical and Scientific Research

Animation is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in medical and scientific research, allowing researchers to better visualize and understand complex processes and concepts. Here are a few ways animation is being used to drive progress in these fields:

Illustrating Medical Procedures

Animations can help medical professionals understand and perform complex procedures by demonstrating how they should be carried out step by step. This is particularly useful for surgical procedures that are difficult to perform or for training new surgeons.

Demonstrating Anatomy and Physiology

Animations can be used to clearly and accurately demonstrate anatomy and physiology in a way that is easy to understand. This can be especially helpful for medical students, who can use animations to better visualize and understand complex concepts.

Visualizing Biological Processes

Animations can help researchers and scientists understand biological processes that are difficult to observe in real life. For example, animations can be used to visualize the interactions between cells, molecules, and even entire organisms, giving researchers a deeper understanding of the processes that occur within living systems.

Exploring Disease Mechanisms

Animations can also be used to explore the mechanisms behind diseases, such as the spread of infections or the progression of chronic conditions. This can help researchers develop new treatments and therapies, as well as raise public awareness about these conditions.

Improving Drug Development

Animations can also be used to visualize how drugs work within the body, helping researchers understand how they interact with biological systems and determine the best dosing strategies. This can lead to the development of more effective drugs and treatments.

3D animations is becoming an increasingly important tool in medical and scientific research. By allowing researchers to better visualize and understand complex processes and concepts, animation is helping to drive progress in these fields and improve patient outcomes. Whether you’re a medical professional, scientist, or student, consider using animation to further your research and understanding.

Why KHO Animation?

The Best Researchers Choose KHO for Medical and Scientific Animation

We believe we provide unmatched experience and value for money in creating visually stunning medical and scientific animations and visuals.

Our Animators are Medical Professionals.

Unlike other medical animation companies, our founding team consists of Doctors who are also World-Class Medical Animators. This ensures understanding of your complex cases, as well as ensuring medical accuracy in all our works.

Dr Kevin one of our founders still practices and teaches dentistry.


Add Credibility

We produce high-quality medical and scientific animation that lends credibility to any project. We've worked with some of the best brands and we're keen to work with you.


Best Visual Design

You've probably seen some of our works in films and marketing throughout the world. Our artists create original content for your brand.


Create Empathy

Our custom animations engage and creates an emotional connection with your brand.


Our Guarantees

Guaranteed Price

Our policy is “On Budget. On Time”. This means no matter how long projects take, you’ll receive our highest quality work within your budget. No hidden costs once pricing is set.

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We like to involve our clients in every aspect of our process. Expect to have immediate replies to email and frequent Zoom meetings.

We also offer a quick turnaround service for urgent projects. Delivered in 5 days or less.

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind all our work. If you’re ever unhappy with what we’ve created, we’ll redo it for free.

Unmatched Experience

Accumulated experience over 25 years in USA, Canada and Australia. Our team has worked with global brands including Stanford Medical School, UCSF and UPenn.

What Our Clients Say

I had the privilege of working with KHO for a surgical device that repairs hernias in an investor pitch animation...they worked and communicated quickly and we successfully raised our next round of funding.

Sean Lin, Medtronic

KHO provides beautiful animations. But what really sets them apart is their ability to “get it”.

Stanford Medical School

Top quality animators who are extremely talented. Listens to feedback and quickly iterates his work. Generates high quality videos that are clear and concise.

Roche Medical

Brilliant to work with. Communication, knowledge & standard is great. Will always give 110%. Fortunate to have found KHO & look forward to working with KHO in the near future. 5 stars across the board.

BSO Law Group