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Use this free tool to determine how much it costs to create an animation.

How to Use The Pricing Calculator

Select the Style of animation, the Complexity you need for this animation, and the Length of the animation or video. As an example, a Standard Animation with Standard Complexity that lasts 30 seconds will cost approximately $8800.

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This is an estimate only. Please account for a range ± 15%.

This is because segments of your animation may include both simple and complex animations.

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How Animation Price is Determined
There are several factors that affect the price of animation


A short animation will cost less than a longer one

Animation Style

A photorealistic animation will cost more than simple one


A complex animation (e.g. a hand with fingers moving) costs more than a simpler one (e.g. a hand moving with fingers static)

Number of Scenes

More scenes costs more than an animation in a single scene


Do you need additional music, voiceover artists or any other visual enhancements?

Interesting Fact Avatar took 50-100 computer hours per frame to Render. That’s 1,200-2,400 hours a second at 24 frames per second. The budget for the animated movie was 400 million !!!

Cost of Still Images/Graphics

Individual images cost approximately $2000-3000 depending on the complexity of the graphic needed. Increasing the number of images needed will reduce this cost, as we can reuse the 3D/2D scene used for the original image.

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